Apex Vision

Apex Masonry is a family owned business that truly believes taking measurements, writing estimates and building clientele means nothing if the motive is not pure. We are passionate about customer service first mentality and expanding the Apex family through our clients. This is the culture we live and work by.

Our Story

Apex was founded by James Aguilera and Peter Salvador. Two hard working family oriented people that believed in the “bigger picture”. James has a background in consumer Retail, then went into Federal Law Enforcement, Peter has a background in Residential and commercial Masonry. Two different career path’s that lead to one dream, which was to build a family business that could be passed down to future generations and shared with all people. Through employment opportunities, and the ability to help build commercial and residential visions by companies and everyday hard working families just wanting to build on there home. This glimpse of the Apex story is why we take pride in being The Apex of customer satisfaction.